5 Amazing Ways To Play Free Fire On PC in 2020

Today i am guiding you how to play free fire on pc.

On the internet and many forums garena lovers asking this problems and they are finding a way.

There are many sources and websties who already talking about but their solution is not clearified the solution.

So that’s why.

Today I am sharing you the ultimate guideline step by step.

We know that free fire is the most popular battle royale game also has 500+ million users.

Join 50 players enter with the para-shoot or plane online and choose an island for war.

Winners only one person so that’s why the young generation is most interesting with this game.

But there is problems for who don’t have a mobile or have a mobile but the battery is so low.

So that’s why Garena attached guy looking emulator for better play.

i know you already search online for how to play free on PC and got some tips and tricks but maximum sources talking about bluestacks.

And bluestacks is so slow when you play this game and also required high configuration with the high graphics card.

If your PC capable than you play online with bluestacks.

So this is the reason for my today’s article.

Here i am giving you the updated and new methods that help you well.

Finding some best and comprehensive hacks for you

In this article, you will know about

5 Best Emulator For Play Free Fire ON PC

  1. Nox Players
  2. MEMU
  3. Dolphin
  4. Bliss OS
  5. Prime OS

In online, there are many types of Emulator some work good and some have required high configuration but now you know the best 10 android emulators.

1. Nox Players

Nox is the best android emulator and has a lot of features without any doubt

So if you have only 1.5GB ram than you play well.

How to Setup NOX

  • Go to Nox player home page
  • download your desired version windows 10/ 7
  • and install


Here is the full guideline how to install and setup easily within a short time

Why You use MEMU

This is the best android emulator in 2020 They have updated features and also upgrade their versions weekly or monthly.

When you set up this you feel very good because that does not affect your harddisk also and your ROM/RAM also running fast.

No required any special graphics card if you have an intel graphics driver than you are able to get this comprehensive emulator for PC.

So that’s why you can use this menu.

I am also using this big emulator with my low capacity pc and play pubg, free fire, call of duty , clash of clans, clash royale and many types of games with my friends.

How TO Setup MEMU

  • Go to Nox player home page
  • download your desired version windows 10/ 7
  • and install

Please share this with your closest friends.

3. Dolphin

If you ask which one is the first GameCube emulator everyone answered Dolphin.

This is the open-source video game console no required to pay to download or install on your desktop or PC

Dolphin has Variant of versions a mode

  • Triforce
  • VR
  • Dolphin OS
  • Isiiruka
  • Prime Hack

Some of Emulator does not have many language support but triforce support 24 language also.

System Requirements Dolphin Emulator

  • 2-GB RAM
  • 64-Bit Processor/ Windows 10
  • Hard-Disk 2.60 GH
  • Core-i3 minimum 
  • Graphics Processor OpenGL-ES3.0 or higher

How To Setup Dolphin

STEP 1. Go to the Homepage of Dolphin OS page

STEP 2. Click the Download button

STEP 3. Install

Note: There are two option one is a development version and stable please download from stable part

4. Bliss OS

Are you looking at how to convert your private PC into android OS?

This is the best for everyone who really wants an android emulator and plays games online easily without paying anything.

What is Bliss OS?

It’s an Android Based OS where all mobile views and features are available on this platform.

How to Install And Setup

Simple 5 steps for setup

  1. Visit Bloss OS home page
  2. Press the download button
  3. When downloading complete and ready to install please backup your windows files safely.
  4. Configure your boot setup and make your computer two OS.
  5. When all steps doing well then restart your PC & Choose the desired OS.

Why Use this Bliss Emulator?

User-friendly and you can play any type of game like PUBG, Call Of Duty, Free Fire others variant game, so that’s why we suggest for you.

5. Prime OS

So here in this platform, we can access all androids app or games easily.

Features of Prime OS:

Desktop Experience:

  • Has Multiple features
  • Dual or more windows support
  • Normal Keyboard
  • and more

Android Gaming:

  • Mapping Tool
  • Play Pubg, Clash of Clans, Free Fire & others battle royale games.
  • see more


  • High Performance
  • Work smoothly
  • User-friendly
  • install any apps

Manual Install Process Prime OS:

There are only 10 steps to setup please visit this site to getting knowledge about the process.

System Requirement For Setup PrimeOS:

  • 4-GB RAM(Recommended)
  • Core-i3 (Minimum)
  • Hard-Disk – 2.60GH
  • Intel Hd Graphics drivers

Final Words:

Use this 5 alternative android emulator and enjoy your free fire online game.

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