World of Tanks Blitz for Android/iOS Download (.apk/.ipa)

World of Tanks Blitz is a mobile free-to-play team-based MMO action game dedicated to fierce tank combat. Available both on smartphones and tablets, the game puts a mobile twist on traditional dynamic online tank combat. The game is playable on a wide range of Android and iOS devices. Get into short, action-packed 7 versus 7 PvP battles no matter where you are.

DayZ Standalone MULTIHACK

Welcome to the world of DayZ, hit by a new and presently unknown infection which has wiped out most of the world’s population. You are one of the few that have survived and now you must search this new wasteland in order to fight for your life against what is left of the indigenous population [...]

FIFA 14 Key Generator

Experience the emotion of scoring great goals in FIFA 14. The game plays the way great football matches are contested, with innovations to the gameplay that inspire fans to build play through midfield, dictating the tempo of a match. Feel the tension as chances are created, and experience the thrill of hitting the back of [...]

Dota 2 Map Hack

Are you looking for working DOTA 2 Maphack? If yes, we have prepared for you newest hack for Valve MOBA game, Dota 2!

Heroes of the Storm BETA KEY GENERATOR

Heroes of the Storm™ is a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters. Build and customize heroes from across every Blizzard universe to suit your play style. Team up with your friends and engage in fast-paced mayhem across varied battlegrounds that impact strategy and change the way you play the game.

PAYDAY 2 STEAM CD-Key Generator

We finally managed to create PAYDAY 2 Steam Key Generator. If you don’t have a game or you wan’t to give a key to your friend, just use this tool and generate as many keys you want!

Dino Storm Multihack v10.1

  Dino Storm Multihack v10.1  is , working with all servers hack for new MMO game Dino Storm. This hack is 100% undetected - you can’t get banned for this! How to use: 1. Log in to Dino Storm. 2. Fill your username. 3. Desired gold coins, dino dollars, level and fame. 4. Press  ACTIVATE and wait for a moment. 5. Enjoy! [...]

Guild Wars 2 Miniatures Hack

Guild Wars 2 Miniatures  is and working hack for new MMO game Guild Wars 2. This hack is 100% undetected - you can’t get banned for this! How to use: 1. Open Guild Wars 2 Miniatures. 2. Fill your e-mail and character name. 3. Press BUTTON WITH MINIATURE (one or more). 4. Enjoy! You have a new miniature(s)! All credits [...]